chriswasright asked:

hello!! first of all i just want to say that killer insinct banjo is AMAZING!!!!!! my question is, can you please please draw the rest of it?? like his whole body and some moves?? ill even pay you :D

Thank you so much! I’m really surprised it received a good bit of recognition and feedback. Been receiving a lot of messages about it lately. It was quite rushed(since I came up with the idea literally before April Fools ended), so I plan to tackle it again and make it more fleshed out. Have some pretty crazy things in mind, but I probably won’t get to it after I’m done with this semester, which is also my last(or close to my senior show). 

No need to pay me!- Unless you were over Killer Instinct, then we’d have to sit down and have some coffee heh heh. This is just me having fun with an idea.